Our story

Elm Paper was founded in 2011 by Ella Munro, the former art director of Vogue Australia.
After lending her artistic talents to premium magazine titles in London and Sydney for 13 years,
Ella created her own brand that would allow her to pursue her love of art and design. Finding happiness in creativity, she brings a lifelong love of typography, and nostalgia for the handwritten word to a distinctive range that is very now.

“An Australian brand devoted
to celebrating life’s most definitive moments.”

Elm Paper is a style-led brand of stationery committed to the art of thoughtful giving. Our collection is continually evolving, embracing both classic styles and cutting-edge trends to foster beautiful organisation. We stay tuned to the rhythm of each new season to create products with a fresh and modern feel that our customers can connect with.

“Thoughtfulness, quality, and detail in every piece of stationery.”

We cultivate the art of thoughtful giving by focusing on the small details that make our collection inimitable. Every piece of stationery created reflects the values we uphold from the beginning of the design process to the final touch: thoughtfulness, quality, and those minor details that make all the difference.

“From a rush of creative inspiration to perfect refinement.”

Everything we do begins with a rush of artistic inspiration. We use a combination of timeless colour palettes and vibrant bold shades to create a style that is both elegant and modern. Careful thought and planning goes into every stage of the process, from the tones chosen to the paper selected. The result is a refined collection of polished stationery that is now found all over the globe.

“Created in Australia with a commitment to care for the environment.”

We pride ourselves on being 100% designed, crafted, and packaged in Australia, always collaborating with local suppliers and printers. Sustainability concerns and care for the planet influence every stage of our creation process. From our FSC Mix paper, to our PEFC-certified envelopes, to our recyclable packaging, we strive to deliver quality stationery while reducing our footprint and making a positive difference to the environment.