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Article: A guide on how to write a greeting card

A guide on how to write a greeting card

A guide on how to write a greeting card

A hand-written note in a blank card adds a special touch to any gift. Words from the heart embody the feelings we share during life’s pivotal moments, from birthdays to times of loss.  

Talk about pressure! Staring at a blank card can be daunting, but it’s easier than you might think to write a meaningful message to someone you’re close to.  

The most important thing to remember is quality over quantity. You don’t have to pack a blank page with paragraphs for it to be meaningful. A few carefully chosen words that get right to the point are guaranteed to do their job.  

Check out our guide below for some inspo!

How to Write a Thank You Card for Someone Close

Thank you cards are super personal by nature, since you can be thanking someone for any number of reasons. You’ll obviously start with what you’re specifically thanking them for, but there are also a few more details you might like to add in.

It’s a good idea to outline the difference that they made to you and how much what they did meant to you. Let them feel appreciated!  

Dear …………….
Thank you for your house-sitting
for us this weekend.
You did an amazing job and
made it possible for us
to enjoy our getaway without
worrying about a thing.
So grateful for you!
Love …………….

How to Write a Wedding Card for Someone Close

Always start a wedding card with congratulations. After all, it’s time to celebrate! Even if you’re only close to one of the people getting married, still address your card to both newlyweds. 

Since a wedding is the beginning step of a huge journey, wishes for the future work really well. You might also like to comment on how much you love them as a couple. Keep it fun and conversational. A wedding is a happy occasion! 

Dear ………….. and ……………
Congratulations on your special day! 
I couldn’t imagine two people
more perfect for each other.
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness
and beautiful memories together.
Love …………...

How to Write a Sympathy Card for Someone Close

Above all else, try to have empathy for someone going through a hard time. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? What would you want to hear?

Start by saying sorry for their loss, or if that doesn’t apply, that you’re thinking of them. You could also add an offer of help or support.

How much you write is really up to you, but try to avoid overwhelming the card with a flood of triggering memories. If you’d like, you can include a message of hope or positivity.

Dear ………..,  

I am so sorry for your loss.
I’m thinking of you always 
and here for anything you need.
Sending lots of love, light, and positivity
your way during this difficult time. 

Love ……….

 How to Write a Birthday Card for Someone Close

We all know how to begin a birthday card, but knowing what comes after can be tricky! If the person is close to you, this is a great chance to tell them what you love about them. Let them know what an impact they’ve had on your life. Since a birthday marks the beginning of a certain age, you could also leave a wish for that person’s future.


Dear ……………..
Happy birthday! 
Thank you for being
such a kind friend to me this year.
I cherish you in my life
and don’t know where
I’d be without you!
May your year ahead
be filled with love, happiness, 
and blessings all around.
To the moon and back, 

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