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Article: Celebrating 10 years...

Celebrating 10 years...

Celebrating 10 years...

A leap of faith from the offices of Vogue to starting a brand new business at the kitchen table. 

Our story began when our founder, Ella, left behind her dream job to take a chance on another dream: creating style-led stationery to celebrate life's greatest moments. 

10 years later, Elm Paper is thriving from our Adelaide studio. 


Q & A

What have been the highlights of your Elm Paper journey?

Ella: Our cards in Anthropologie stores across the US was a huge highlight. Also having the chance to create an ongoing custom range of cards and stationery for Seed Heritage. And definitely seeing the brand grow from a pipe dream at the kitchen table to a thriving business with more than 500 retailers around Australia and New Zealand.  

What have you learned about running a small business?

Know your metrics and keep a tight inventory control. And if it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t right. Having a supportive partner, in my case, my husband who is the practical one and wired around numbers.

What has been your favourite Elm moment so far?

The great feedback from customers. I love hearing that people have travelled some distance to one of our retailers to specifically buy one of our cards.

What’s next for Elm?

We’re so lucky and grateful to be busy with ongoing orders. Behind the scenes, we’re expanding and growing and turning our focus to creating a more diverse range of our core product, greeting cards. We've also created an entirely new brand in a different product category. More on that soon.

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